Purifying Therapy


Panchakarma is a purifying therapy to enhance the metabolic process through food and herbal medicines. It is used in deep rooted chronic disease as well as seasonal imbalance of tridoshas. As the wastes are eliminated from the body,the patient emerges a healthier version of them self. Literally Panch means five and Karma means action. Thus, Panchakarma means five types of actions, techniques or treatments. These types of therapeutics are based on elimination therapy.

Panchakarma treatment is effective in diseases like hemiplegia, polio, rheumatoid arthritis, skin diseases, epilepsy, insomnia, hypertension, cardiac problems, intestinal diseases, peptic and duodenal ulcers, ulcerative colitis and asthma. Besides this, it produces immunity and increases youthfulness of the body. Panchakarma therapy should always be followed by a special diet regime.

This is the process of inducing well-monitored emesis. Through this method, the stomach is purified and vitiated Kapha is expelled. This is especially effective for patients suffering from Asthma, Psoriasis etc.

This is prescribed for treatment of disorders relating to Pittha such as skin disorders, diabetes, jaundice, ulcers and other rheumatic diseases. Specific drugs are used on a programmed basis to eliminate the toxins from the intestines.

Vasthi is another important form of treatment in Panchkarma and it is very effective in curing disorders relating to Vata such as arthritis, paralysis and gastric complaints. Medicinal fluids are administered as Enemas. There are three types of Vasthis – SnehaVasthi (Oil), KashayaVasthi (Decoction) and UtharaVasthi. UtharaVasthi involves administering enemas through the reproductive organs and is prescribed for urinary disorders, impotency, infertility etc.

Nasyam is the administration of medication through the nostrils, inhalation of medicated herbal preparations etc. According to Ayurveda, the nasal passage is the gateway to the head. Because the nasal passage offers the easiest access to the head, it is thereby the most convenient method for delivering the full potency of the medicine administered. This is indicated as curative for diseases of the head, neck, thorax, etc. Nasyam is said to reduce hair fall, improve vision and enhance complexion.

Rakthamoksha refers to the removal of vitiated elements from blood by blood letting. This is practiced in diseases of blood, skin etc.

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pranay - Hyderabad

Panchakarma has healed my ulcer problem with additional benefits of youthful skin, stress less life and also peaceful nights.

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