Kati Vasti

Eliminate Lower Back Pain

kati vasti

Kati Vasthi is an ayurvedic treatment for low back pain problems. It is one the common listed treatment demanded by most of our clients. Low back pain is a disorder where the patients experience discomfort in the muscles and back bone. Ayurveda offer the best treatment procedure known as Kati Vasthi for back ache related problems. The word Kati Vasthi has been derived from two words- Kati means low back and Vasthi meaning to hold.

Kati Vasthi is beneficial for low back pain or lumbago where the patient experience a discomfort in the bones and muscles of the back. It is also beneficial for Lumbar Spondylosis, Sacro iliac joint pain, Coccydynia and Sciatica.

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Surendra - Hyderabad

This treatment has cured my lower back pain completely, painful injections and other medicines did not give me relief but this treatment has helped me a lot.

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